Alcohol Detox At Home

Alcohol detox at home is one option that an alcoholic may choose when trying to break his or her addiction. Detoxing is never easy, nor is it ever without some sort of risk. Individuals choosing to detox at home should only do so under a doctor’s supervision and if there is a friend or relative staying with them.

The first thing an alcoholic should do if he is choosing to detox at his or her home is see a doctor. The doctor will be able to determine if it is safe for an individual to undertake this task at his or her home or if it would be better to do so in a clinic or hospital environment. If a doctor determines that the individual can withstand the withdrawal process at his or her home, the doctor may be able to prescribe some medications that will make the process easier.

Even if a doctor is willing to prescribe medications to help during the withdrawal process, a person will still experience some very unpleasant symptoms. Some of the symptoms will include:

• nausea and vomiting
• chills and shivering
• confusion and disorientation
• elevated temperature
• feelings of depression, as well as anxiety
• hallucinations

Because even under the best of circumstances things can go wrong, it is important that the alcoholic choosing to detox at home have a friend or relative stay with him or her. Not only can this person provide moral support, he or she can call for extra medical help if it is needed. This person would need to plan on staying with the detoxing alcoholic for several days.

As bad as a person may feel during the withdrawal process it is important that he or she maintain adequate fluid and nutritional intake. Consequently, it is a good idea for him or her to plan ahead and stock his or her cabinets and refrigerator with plenty of bottled water and foods that are easy on the stomach. Some of those foods can include:

• Broth – chicken or beef
• Rice – a plain white rice is best
• Crackers – a plain cracker is good for nausea
• Fruit juices and fruits – these will naturally promote healthy blood sugar levels

Once the alcohol detoxing process at home is complete the individual needs to start implementing new habits and coping mechanisms so he or she is less likely to be tempted to start drinking alcohol again. For some, this will mean that they can no longer hang out with their drinking buddies, and for others this will mean that there will be certain restaurants and bars that they can no longer go to. However, all of the uncomfortable feelings and changes in lifestyle are worth it if an individual can improve the quality of his or her life by no longer being dependent upon alcohol.