Alcohol poisoning symptoms – already overdosed on alcohol?

Alcohol poisoning symptoms

Alcohol poisoning is also basically alcohol overdose. This occurs when you intake too much ethanol alcohol. It is extremely dangerous and can be fatal. Alcohol poisoning symptoms can be as simple as vomiting. When this happens, it is a signal that your body has ingested too much alcohol than it cannot metabolize.

Here are some examples of untreated alcohol poisoning symptoms:

  1. Absent Reflexes – this may be dangerous that is why our government strictly prohibits drinking while driving.
  2. Slurred Speech – it is difficult to understand what a drunken person is saying.
  3. An intoxicated person sometimes cannot feel pain.
  4. Erratic behavior – behaving in weird ways.

These are just some alcoholic poisoning symptoms you may notice in people who are under the influence of alcohol.

Too much alcohol depresses the nerves and that causes involuntary actions and one great example of that is breathing – this is one major alcohol poisoning symptom. Imagine yourself without air – do you think you’ll survive?

Sadly, Alcohol abuse is very common to people in their late teens to early adulthood. College students are statistically at higher risk of death because of an alcohol related tragedy. This happens in clubs, parties and even in their dormitories. Group of friends who hang out and drink till they pass out. These people think that it’s cool but the truth is – they may put themselves in jeopardy cmainly because they do not know anything about symptoms of untreated alcohol poisoning.

What can happen if alcoholic symptoms are not detected or ignored?

  1. The person could choke in his own vomit.
  2. Breathing could slow till it stops.
  3. His body’s temperature will lower down.
  4. There will be insufficient blood sugar in his body which could lead to a seizure.
  5. Dehydration might lead to permanent brain damage from alcohol overdose.
  6. If you ignore any alcohol poisoning symptom, unfortunately, this could lead to – Death.

What to do if you see your friend having alcohol poisoning symptoms?

  1. Know the signals or know some signs of alcohol poisoning
  2. Don’t wait for all the symptoms to show.
  3. You must know that a person who passed out may die. So do not leave that person alone or unattended.  Do not laugh on people who are vomiting or are passed out because of too much alcohol. This may lead to asphyxiation or the poisoning of the respiratory center of the brain. This is very fatal and may lead to death.
  4. Call for help even if one or two alcoholic symptoms are showing.

If you think you are suffering from alcohol poisoning, do not hesitate to seek help from your friends, family and most especially – the professionals. They are the ones who can help you save your life. Choose your friends wisely. Believe it or not, they play a big part in your life. They can influence you in many ways. This is the most basic information you have to know to save one’s life. And to save yours. Don’t be embarrassed to seek help if you drink too much or suspect you might be an alcoholism

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